How It All Began…


Today I got my first donation from not-myself after sending out an email to friends, family and co-workers who donated last year. It really fills my heart to see that email show up in my inbox with the subject line “Congratulations! You just received a donation on your personal page!”

I set my goal pretty high this year, hoping to raise three thousand, nine-hundred and six dollars. How did I come up with that ridiculously random value, you ask? That’s what I raised last year. I’d love to raise even more this year, if possible.

For those of you who found this site without donating in the past, maybe you’re wondering why I walk. My best friend’s brother, MIT Officer Sean Collier, lost his life tragically almost three years ago. Sean was a devoted supporter of the Jimmy Fund during the short amount of time he was alive; he set up a recurring donation after listening to the Jimmy Fund Telethon one day while working a summer job. It was his favorite charity. He was a loving and generous person who always wanted to do the right thing. In his memory, the Team Collier Jimmy Fund Walk team was formed. I walk to help keep that love and generosity alive and will continue to do so as long as I can.

That and, like everyone else who participates in this walk, I really really hate cancer.




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