Why I Support Dana-Farber and The Jimmy Fund

Over the past two years, I’ve learned a lot about The Jimmy Fund. The first year I walked, I just wanted to raise money in Sean’s name. I didn’t really know a whole lot about the charity and assumed the funds raised were to help kids beat cancer. I mean, everyone has seen the trailer in movie theaters with the iron workers spray painting kids’ names on the beams used to build the new research building, right? Spoiler: The Jimmy Fund doesn’t just help kids. After becoming a Pacesetter (someone who raised over $1500 in a walk season) that first year, I started to really learn more about The Jimmy Fund and how the money we raise helps patients and their families.

As a Pacesetter, I heard an emotional speech made by a walker who thanked The Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber for the trial that extended his father’s life for an extra year. I heard from a man in his early 20s, a non-smoker who was diagnosed with lung cancer, who said that if it weren’t for Dana-Farber, he may not be in remission. The Jimmy Fund might be well known for its funding to eliminate pediatric cancers, but they really support all research. My first Pacesetter event had me at DFCI listening to a speech about the Zakim Center for Integrative Therapies and how they support patients both in treatment and in remission both physically and mentally. The funds that walkers raise go towards all of these things and more, such as covering insurance gaps, investing in future cancer breakthroughs by providing flexible funding, and retaining the best of the best to research and discover new treatments and ultimately find some cures.

Conquering cancer can be a long journey, and I’m happy to spread the word that The Jimmy Fund is doing everything they can to make the battle easier in every way possible.

I think providing this information made my friends, family and co-workers more comfortable donating to the cause. I also think it helped people realize that The Jimmy Fund is an amazing charity to support, especially when hearing how much of their donation goes directly to Dana-Farber research and whole life programs (88 cents on the dollar).

If you’d like to read or see more about where your money goes, I’m including a few links here:

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute on YouTube — Some video subjects are: living with cancer, discussions on progress and research, and inspiring stories.

@DanaFarber on Twitter

@DanaFarber on Instagram

The Jimmy Fund on YouTube — Some video subjects are: The Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk, SID Talks (SID stands for Science, Innovation and Discovery), as well as other Jimmy Fund event videos.

@TheJimmyFund on Twitter

@TheJimmyFund on Instagram

Please feel free to give me feedback about what I’m posting here. I can tell more stories about my experience over the past few years or I can continue to talk about DFCI and The Jimmy Fund until training walks start. I want this to be informative and interesting, so suggestions are always welcome.


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