Let Training Begin!

I’ll be honest. I didn’t think I’d end up starting to walk regularly until the Spring…when the (tiny bit of) snow we have is all melted and the temperatures are a bit warmer. Then something awesome happened.

My gym, Fit Revolution, started to host “Open Gym” hours. I have a weekday workout routine that I’m not looking to change since I have fitness related goals which are unrelated to the walk, so weekends are my walk training days. That being said, I really don’t want to walk 5K or more in the absolute freezing cold.

Thanks to Michelle’s new Open Gym policy, I started training this past weekend.


I decided, on Friday, to knock out a 5K after my Tabata class to see how I felt. I haven’t been walking, but as I mentioned previously, I’ve been working out. That walk was a 17 minute mile average–which I feel is relatively fast for my short legs. I didn’t feel any knee pain, which I will occasionally feel during walks, and my feet weren’t sore at all after.

On Saturday, I didn’t take a class, so I decided I’d go for 4 miles.


This training walk went pretty well, too. I averaged a 16:52 minute mile. I still felt pretty good afterwards and was proud of how easily I cranked out 4 miles.

I’m tracking all of my walks on RunKeeper so I can tell what my pace is easily and to keep myself accountable. Feel free to send me a friend request–my username is ‘diveri’.

As long as Fit Rev keeps Open Gym hours, I’ll keep walking during the winter. I may end up capped at 2 hours of walking, but if I can consistently do that until it’s warm out, that’s fine by me. Maybe I’ll be able to squeeze in a 7-miler!

Has anyone who signed up started walking yet?


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