Outdoor Training Walk #1

Outdoor training season has officially begun.

This past weekend, my friend Chris and I decided we’d do our first outdoor training walk for the season. The weather was perfect, and coming off of our first awesome Jimmy Fund event of the season (the Extra Mile Brunch) we were definitely psyched and ready to go.

Often, last season, we took advantage of the sidewalks along Main Street in both our current town of residence (Tewksbury) and our hometown of Wilmington and plotted routes of varying lengths for training walks. For this first walk, we planned on walking all of 5 miles. Once we were out on the roads, however, we were feeling pretty good and decided we’d extend the walk just a little bit.

Our extension took us around Silver Lake in Wilmington, where the Sean A. Collier Memorial Playground happens to be. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Sean’s story, he grew up in Wilmington and so it was decided that his playground would be built there. It was fitting that we walked by here, we felt, given that he’s the reason we embark on this journey every year.

Taken from the street during the walk

(The three photos above were taken the day of the playground’s dedication. If you’re interested in learning how this playground came to be, please visit the Where Angels Play Foundation website and read their story.)

In total, we walked 6.5 miles instead of our originally planned five miler. We both felt pretty good when we were done, which is a great sign, and are excited that the weather allowed us to start walking so early. With 6 months to go, we have plenty of time to get back into marathon shape.

If you want to join us in our quest to conquer cancer, feel free to sign up to walk on Team Collier at our Jimmy Fund Walk team page: Team Collier. You can also donate to any of our walks (How about $3.14 in honor of Pi Day?!) by scrolling down and clicking on any of our names on the Team page (my personal link is also at the top of this page).


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