Spring Has Arrived…

…and that means that no matter how cold it is, training walks are going to continue! After all, we have less than 6 months until the big day!

This past weekend, Chris and I braved the somewhat chilly temps (it was about 40° when we started!) to do our second training walk of the season. We decided to try out a new route, which turned out to be just shy of 6 miles. The time and distance seem to go by much faster when you’re not walking in circles and constantly passing the same things. We try our best to stick to roads with sidewalks or neighborhoods with little traffic so that way we’re safe and not constantly dodging traffic. Ever since our long almost-22-mile training walk last year, which had us running across on and off ramps for both Route 93 and Route 128, that’s become a priority. I don’t have any pictures from this weekend, but that might be because I had my gloves on for most of the walk. However, here’s a fun shot that I took the day we walked the almost 22 miles. That’s Route 93 at about 9:15am on a Saturday morning in August:


We talked a lot about how we felt our training walk was going, and what we might do differently this year both leading up to and on the actual walk day. We re-visit last year’s experiences quite often to remember what went well and what didn’t, and to hopefully be able to plan for a better 2016.

So far, our list of things we should do is short, but we’re happy to take any suggestions, so feel free to comment and let us know what you’d add:

  • Get fitted for and buy new shoes.
    • Last year I was given two shoe options, and I went with the “fancier” brand. This year I think I’m going to go with what honestly feels better, because last year I also ended up with the blister-from-hell that caused me a LOT of pain and an extended recovery time.
  • Bring extra pairs of socks on walk day to help prevent blisters.
    • Let’s face it. Socks get sweaty after a few hours…
  • Do at least a few training walks on hills (the hills kill my knees).
    • One way to get better at something is to train for it. So, yeah. Time to find some hills.
  • Additional strength and cross-training.
    • Stronger legs will help with hills and give my knees more support.
  • Long walks along the actual course (read: up and down Heartbreak Hill!).
    • See previous bullets. Why not practice on the real thing?

I know it seems ridiculous to train for a walk to some people, but you’re on your feet forever. What would you do if you were going to walk a marathon in 6 months?



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