Training Walk: 6.33 Miles

This past Saturday, my teammate Chris and I set out for one of our first training walks together in MONTHS. He’d just bought a house and so I was doing a lot of solo-walks, but with the summer weather here and less than 4 months to go, we knew we had to get out there and start walking.

We decided that we would re-do the lake loop that we had done back on a sunny day in March. Back then I had guesstimated it as about 6.5 miles, and this time I took my back-up phone and used RunKeeper to track the distance.


We started out with a quick pit stop about 2 miles in to pick up our friend Steph for the lake portion of the walk. We often convinced her to walk with us last summer, but haven’t convinced her to join us for the whole 26.2 mile walk in September yet. She’s an awesome supporter of our efforts and it’s always great to have more friends to walk with!

(Another perk of walking with your friends on these training walks is catching up…it’s a much healthier way to shoot the shit and see what’s going on in everyone’s lives. Give it a try sometime instead of holing up in a bar for a night–you might enjoy the fresh air and the exercise!)

After walking around the lake, we dropped her off and continued back to my condo. We sped up quite a bit towards the end, making this training walk an overall success. I’m happy to say that the new sneakers I got for the walk this year, with much thanks to the friendly and helpful staff at Marathon Sports in Melrose, are still feeling pretty comfortable and I have high hopes that they’ll stay that way for the walk itself.


If you’re interested in making a donation, please visit my donation page. If you’d like to join us, please visit the Team Collier page.


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