Pacesetter Event 11/17

I figured I might as well try to keep up with this little blog here, even though we won’t be walking for a few months!


I attended a Jimmy Fund Pacesetter event in November with fellow teammate Chris. It was a great event at Morton’s and we got to hear from a few really inspirational walkers. I love going to these¬†events and hearing everyone talk. We learned that there were almost 9500 walkers this past year (9454 to be exact) and that out of those 9454 walkers, there were 1325 Pacesetters. Pacesetters alone raised 4.4 of the over 8.5 million dollars raised this year. So amazing!

We heard from a walker who works at Dana-Farber, who told us about his team (Team Head And Neck) and how they try to walk and raise as much as they can. We learned from him that HPV-related cancers are on the rise, which is scary, and it’s just another reason to get the vaccination if you’re able to do so. One of the things that makes these events so great is that it keeps us up-to-date with news on treatments and research…it’s nice to be able to hear where our money is going on a regular basis.

And on that note, I would also like to thank you all again for all of your donations this year, making me a 3-Star Pacesetter for the first time ever. I got this pretty cool Jimmy Fund jacket for my accomplishment, which I’ll wear proudly whenever I can! I’ll definitely be posting about the Extra Mile Brunch again this year, which I’m really looking forward to attending in early March.




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